A newcomer to the local scene, Sandra Hinton (née Boitel) is an up-and-coming Los Angeles based interior designer and European tastemaker. Her unapologetic passion for beautiful materials and exquisite craftsmanship, as well as her international and multifaceted background, make Sandra a refined designer with a keen eye for all things beautiful. Her design vernacular is one that balances sophistication and edge. 

Acutely aware of the role design plays in influencing the quality of life of the people occupying a space, she aims to create functional interiors that are timeless yet contemporary. “Being invited into a family’s most intimate quarters is always a great honor. The responsibility of how design influences the quality of life of a space's occupants, has always been a great motivator for me to create functional interiors that are not only timeless and beautiful, but also tell their owners' story. An interior should be informed by the life that is lived in it. In return, that interior should make life easier and more pleasurable” she says.

Sandra was born in Zurich, Switzerland and raised by an effortlessly chic French-Italian mother and a Swiss financier father. Her parents always encouraged her and her brother to explore the world. This has fed her passion for discovery and like most business savvy women, she is well-travelled and fluent in multiple languages. Her upbringing has not only led her to travel much in her time off, but also to seek out work and education abroad. As a result, this has made Sandra a person who can comfortably navigate different cultures and easily connect with anyone she meets.

After finishing her first degree in hospitality management at the École Hôtelière de Lausanne in her native Switzerland, work took her to Monaco then Singapore, before completing her second degree in interior design at Parsons in New York. After graduating, she stayed and worked in New York for a few years before returning to Europe to work at a top firm in London. Eventually the road lead her back to Zurich for a couple of years, and now she calls Los Angeles home. With almost a decade of experience in high-end residential design, and a wide range of clients and projects all around the world, she has set off to establish her own full-service design studio in the City of Angels.